Hi! My name is Cameron. I'm a freelance artist and game dev with five years of experience doing pixel art (and many more doing traditional and digital art). I began practicing pixel art to challenge myself as a creator. It was a medium that was completely out of my realm, and I was driven to experience a fresh perspective and learn new skills. Pixel art quickly grew to be something I deeply admire, and genuinely love to create.


Game Development Blog: https://ellencegames.tumblr.com     |    Instagram: @ellencegames     |     Email: ellencegames@gmail.com


Making a game? Have a project in mind?


I'd love to be a part of it! 

I'm currently available for commissions and projects of any length. I'm able to create pixel art in whatever style you'll need, and I work quickly to guarantee a fast turnaround.

My commissions are done by flat rates, not hourly, and pricing scales with complexity.
Payment plans are available for commissions over $200, with weekly payments starting at $50. 
For more pricing info, more examples of my work, or to contact me for a project/commission,
feel free to email me at ellencegames@gmail.com!